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Firmware Update


MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT FIRMWARE FOR YOUR TABLET MODEL, AS INCORRECT FIRMWARE WILL CAUSE YOUR TABLET TO LOCK UP. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TABLET MODEL BEFORE CONTINUING. The firmware download on this page is for use with the A7 tablet only and applies to Model A7-040 with Build Number Prefix PBJ8000 which may be confirmed by checking Settings>About device on your tablet. If you have the A7+ tablet, please see the A7+ Firmware Page for updates.

To determine the firmware version currently installed on your tablet, go to Settings > About device and scroll to the bottom to see Build number. The last 5 digits of the Build number indicate your current firmware version.

The April 17, 2011 Firmware Update addresses the following issues:

  • Browser: No longer defaults to mobile versions of websites
  • SD Card: Fixed "SD card can't format" when going back to SD card & device storage
  • Wi-Fi: Fixed failure to auto connect with AP successfully
  • Wi-Fi: Fixed ability to obtain scan result
  • Wi-Fi: Now extracts NTP source by host name instead of IP address
  • Wi-Fi: Now ignores scan result when driver goes to suspend
  • Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth: Recompiled Wi-Fi & HID module for kernel enabled ipv6
  • Bluetooth: Prevented occurrence of bug in scheduling atomic in UART
  • Added user agent switch function
  • Music/Gallery: Fixed the flash file list when umounting SD card in Settings
  • Enabled IPv6 and some Network Function
  • Enabled Low memory killer
  • Recovery of the package setting file (packages.xml) when the system is prevented from entering Android

The Firmware Update for your A7 Internet Tablet must be downloaded to your PC or Mac and copied to a MicroSD card for installation.


IMPORTANT: A MicroSD card is required to update the firmware. The USB port is a host only and cannot be used for firmware updates.

Note: Since the files stored in the Tablet may be deleted or overwritten during the update process (including the pre-installed movie trailers), please copy any files which you have stored in the Tablet before updating.

Please follow these directions carefully for a successful update:

A7 Firmware Update Instructions

  • Download the Firmware Update ZIP file at the bottom of this page to your PC or Mac.
  • Copy the ZIP file from your PC or Mac to a MicroSD card. The file must be copied to the ROOT DIRECTORY of the MicroSD card. Make sure you do not copy the file into a subfolder.
  • Insert the MicroSD into the slot at the top of the A7 Tablet.
  • Plug the A7 Tablet into an electrical outlet using the AC adaptor.
  • Open Settings > About device > System updates > Update device.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts. The system will restart automatically in update mode, then will restart when the update is complete.
  • To confirm that your update has been correctly installed, open Settings > About device. Scroll down to Build version and you should see PBJ8000.2.0134.

Firmware Update - Version 2.0134 (92.67 MB) - Apr. 17, 2011

A7 Firmware Archive

If you would like to download and install earlier versions of the A7 Firmware, click on the links below to download the file and install the update by following the directions detailed above.