For Developers

In response to developer requests, and in accordance with Open Source license requirements, Stream TV Networks is pleased to release the kernel source code for the eLocity A7 and A7+ Internet Tablets. Below are links to download both the .tar file and the .md5 checksum files. Just click on the links below.

A7+ A7

The eLocity A7's Android open-source platform gives developers easy access to new high-end features. To learn more about developing apps for Android, please visit the Android Developer Page.

Android Developers

eLocity is pleased to be working with Getjar to encourage the creation of new apps and optimization of existing apps for the A7 Tablet. With its nVidia Tegra 2 dual processor and 800x480 7-inch screen, the eLocity A7 is expanding the boundaries for Android apps. Find out more by entering the Getjar Development Zone.

GetJar Developer Zone